How hard is it to earn 1 BTC? It’s not hard at all. It’s actually quite easy. In this article, I will show you can earn 1 BTC fast.

Here’s how to earn 1 BTC Fast


Neobux was founded over 10 years ago. In fact, it first came on the site back in 2008. Amazingly, it is still relevant today. Millions of people are making money with it. It’s super easy to get 1 BTC with Neobux. Bitcoin is actually one of the payout options for Neobux. As it pertains to actually earning 1 BTC with Neobux, you will need to visit the survey section so that you can view the surveys that are available. You’ll be able to browse a wide variety of surveys.

The surveys on the Neobux website are actually quite good. You will get rewarded for your opinions. The surveys aren’t long and are pretty easy to complete. You can take surveys on a daily basis with Neobux. The more surveys you do, the more BTC you will earn. Besides doing surveys, you can do offers and tasks as well. Once you have enough earnings in your account, you will be able to cash out directly to Bitcoin.


SuperPay is another website that you can use to earn BTC from the comfort of your home. Registration is free and doesn’t take long at all. You can definitely get an account in under a minute for sure. You should be aware of the fact that all new members of SuperPay will get a $0.20 bonus. This can help you get one step closer to the 1 BTC that you want. Do offers, surveys, and more. Exchange your earnings for BTC. Join Now!


Use these awesome websites to earn 1 BTC fast. Go right ahead and sign up for them now.

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