Survey jobs can make you money in Tanzania. It’s free and easy. Continue reading to find out more.

Here are the best online survey jobs in Tanzania

1. Ysense

Ysense rewards members for their time. Use your time to make money when you join Ysense. Put some time aside for surveys, offers, and tasks. Get paid today!

2. Neobux

Neobux can help you easily get extra bucks during your spare time. Register and express your opinions. Receive cash in your PayPal account for your participation in surveys.

3. PrizeRebel

Get points into your PrizeRebel account each time you do a survey or offer with PrizeRebel. You will get access to multiple opportunities to earn as well as more than one payout option. Join Now!

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a viable option for making money on the internet. It is actually one of the best online survey jobs in Tanzania. Benefits include fast payment to PayPal and several different ways to earn. Sign Up!

5. Inboxdollars

Inboxdollars can easily put money into your wallet. $5 will be yours for free when you sign up. Earn when you take the surveys in your account. Redeem earnings when you earn $10.

6. SuperPay

New members of this website will get $0.20 for free. Join and you will get the same bonus. Make money when you do a survey or offer. Get your earnings sent to your PayPal account.

7. SurveySavvy

SurveySavvy has $1 surveys and will pay you that amount each time you take a survey. You will get paid via check as long as you earn $1 or more. Join SurveySavvy today. You will get some good surveys to take and make money for free.


I searched the internet for the best online survey jobs in Tanzania that I could find. Check them out!

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