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Survey sites offer a great opportunity for people to earn rewards from the comfort of their home. All one has to do is answer is surveys and offer feedback. The rewards tend to vary depending on the site you use. Some of the rewards that are offered by survey sites include vouchers, products, and credits for different platforms, cash, and the like. One of the most popular rewards that users are interested in is Amazon gift cards. These gift cards can be used for buying products on Amazon. Hence, they are considered to be just as good as cash. However, no every survey site provides Amazon gift cards and some sites that do provide them might not be worth the effort. This is why we have prepared this post just for you so that you can take surveys and get Amazon gift cards. It looks at some of the best survey sites for Amazon gift cards.

Before we start the list, it is important to discuss why people opt for Amazon gift cards for their hard work. The main reason why Amazon gift cards have become a popular payment option is because Amazon is the biggest online shopping platform in the entire world. It delivers products and services to just about every single corner of the globe. Hence, Amazon gift cards make for the perfect payment option as they can be used to purchase items that users might need. So, without further ado, the following survey websites are reliable and offer a variety of Amazon gift cards.

1. SwagBucks

Currently, SwagBucks is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Australia, France, Spain, and Germany. It offers many other rewards besides Amazon such as PayPal payments and many other gift cards. Over 20 million users rely on Swag Bucks for making some extra money. It is the biggest and most popular survey site out there. Swag Bucks provides a ton of opportunities to its users for earning rewards. Users have a variety of options to get paid for completing surveys. There are many other ways through which you can earn money as well such as through cash back on shopping, playing games, watching videos, searching the web, inviting friends, and participating in contests. Swag Bucks even offers promo codes to its users for free cash.

When you join Swag Bucks, you automatically receive a bonus of $5 upon joining. The platform offers many great rewards. If you live in the countries mentioned, you can easily get Amazon gift cards from Swag Bucks and so much more. It does not get better than this.

2. PrizeRebel

Prize Rebel is another great survey site that is available in many countries. It offers many rewards other than Amazon gift cards like PayPal, a variety of gift cards, and more. Prize Rebel is worth joining as you get to redeem Amazon gift cards, PayPal payments, and other gift cards. Earn points by performing different tasks. You do not only need to take surveys to earn points and can also participate in contests, play games, and complete small online tasks. The best thing about Prize Rebel is that it provides users with plenty of promo codes throughout the week. This makes it easier to get more points. Prize Rebel is available in many countries, especially English-speaking countries.

3. Toluna

Toluna is an amazing survey site that you need to start using. It has become a major hit in many countries. There are a ton of surveys that you can answer as long as you qualify. However, it is easy to qualify and the site is extremely easy to use. You can also choose your local language when answering surveys.

Receive payment through a number of payout methods. Keep in mind that the methods differ depending on the country you reside in. But, most countries allow Amazon gift cards as a payout option. It is best that you check before to ensure that your country is included in the list of countries where users can receive Amazon gift cards as a payment for their service.

4. Feature Points

Feature Points is a modern, user-friendly survey site that is available for users from across the globe. Users not only have the option to get paid through Amazon gift cards but can also opt for Bitcoin, PayPal, and other gift cards. Not every country accepts Amazon gift cards since Amazon is not available in every country. Hence, you should check beforehand. Earn on Feature Points by completing surveys, downloading apps, taking offers, watching videos, and more. If you live in Canada of the US, you also have the option to get cash back on your online shopping. As soon as you have earned $3, you can request to receive an Amazon gift card.

5. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is available in Canada, the US, and UK. It is an easy to use and very simple survey site. You can start taking surveys from the moment you join Opinion Outpost. Besides just taking surveys, you also have the option to participate in cash draws and more. To redeem an Amazon gift card, you need to have at least $5 in your account which is not that difficult to earn.

6. Life Points

Life Points is a great survey site that people from about 40 countries use to get Amazon gift cards, PayPal transfers, and other gift cards. In the past, Life Points was an app but has now become a survey site. Life Point has emerged after the merger of My Survey and Global Test Market. It is extremely easy to use for just about everyone. When you join, you will start to receive invitations for surveys through email. Life Points offers decent rewards. There are plenty of surveys that you can take to get points. Since not every country has an Amazon store, it is important that you check whether your country is catered by Amazon before signing. To get an Amazon gift card, you need to have at least $15 in your account.

7. You Gov

You Gov is a survey site that is available in many countries. Its rewards depend on the country of your residence. You can choose to answer surveys in your local language. The surveys you get to answer are based on your country. Thus, surveys on You Gov tend to be more interesting and relevant as compared to many other sites. Moreover, you also have the option to view results of each survey to learn more. Users earn points for answer surveys which they can exchange for rewards depending on their country. Many countries allow Amazon gift cards, while others do not. Always check before you join.

8. is a popular survey site that is available in many countries. However, the most opportunities are available for English-speaking countries. The site offers Amazon gift cards, Bitcoin, and payments through PayPal. offers many opportunities daily. You can answer surveys, watch videos, click ads, take online offers, and more to earn points. When you use the site regularly, you will be automatically enrolled in the contest where the top earner gets as much as $350. Users get to choose the reward option that suits them best. Once you have earned $5, you can request an Amazon gift card and start shopping on Amazon. The best thing about is that it offers Amazon gift cards to all countries. Hence, you do not need to think about whether you can get Amazon gift cards in your country or not. might not be as easy to navigate as the other survey sites mentioned in the post. It will take you some time to figure out how to navigate the website. If you want to join, you should be ready to learn how to use the website before taking advantage of its many opportunities.

9. Grab Points

Grab Points caters to users from across the globe. It offers Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, payments on Skrill and PayPal, and more. You can earn decent rewards by using Grab Points. Take surveys, offers, watch videos, and earn points through a number of different ways. You should keep in mind that Amazon gift cards are not available in every country which is why you should check whether the platform offers Amazon gift cards for your country. All you need is a balance of $3 in your account to request Amazon gift cards.

10. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars only caters to users in the US. It provides users with Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, prepaid Visa, and checks. Earn on the website in a number of ways. You can also earn points by taking online offers, playing games, shopping online, reading emails, and more. Thus, there are plenty of opportunities for earning. However, since the payout threshold requirement is $30, it takes some time to reach the threshold.

11. Inbox Pounds

Inbox Pounds is a survey site that only serves UK-based users. It is quite similar to Inbox Dollars as it only caters to one country. Inbox Pounds is the UK version of Inbox Dollars. Use Inbox Pounds to earn by taking paid offers, searching online, reading emails, and taking surveys. Be patient with Inbox Pounds and you will get to take advantage of a ton of opportunities on the site for the reason that it takes time to reach the threshold of GBP 20. Besides just getting Amazon gift cards, you can also get other gift cards or payments through prepaid MasterCard.

12. YSense

YSense is used worldwide. It offers PayPal payments, gift cards, and Amazon gift cards. The site used to be known as ClixSense but has rebranded and become YSense. It has also introduced plenty of new payout methods including Amazon gift cards. Users can easily get paid once they have earned about $5. To earn extra money on YSense, you can also take offers, perform micro-tasks, invite friends, and receive a daily bonus. You will need to be patient to qualify for a survey. YSense provides great earning opportunities to everyone no matter where they might be located.

13. Rewards1

Rewards1 is also used worldwide. Users have the option to redeem their points for Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, game codes, and PayPal transfers. Rewards1 is a hidden gem that many people do not know about but offers many opportunities. There are many ways to earn points and convert them for Amazon gift cards. All you need to do is earn about $5 to receive your very first Amazon gift card. Besides just answering surveys, you can also earn points by playing games, taking paid offers, participating in daily polls, inviting friends, watching videos, and more. The website might seem a bit confusing to use initially but it provides various opportunities.

14. Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau is a popular survey site that people in 16 countries use. It provides Amazon gift cards, other gift cards, PayPal transfers, and the like. The reason why Opinion Bureau has become one of the most popular sites is because it is extremely easy to use. But, you should keep in mind that there is a limited quantity of surveys on the website. Opinion Bureau also has a smartphone app. Hence, you can use it on the go for some extra money. Getting Amazon gift cards on Opinion Bureau is simple. As soon as users reach the $5 threshold, they can get paid or choose an Amazon gift country.

15. Up Voice

Finally, Up Voice is a US-based survey website that allows you to get Amazon gift cards by installing a Chrome extension that collects information on the ads you come across. It also allows you to earn points by answering surveys every now and then. Up Voice pays you $5 every month and you can also take advantage of its $5 joining bonus.


Now that you have read this post, you can start earning Amazon gift cards to purchase all your favorite items on Amazon.

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