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SurveyTime is a relatively new survey company, and I can tell you that they are different from most survey panels. SurveyTime is managed by, which is an ad tech company that works with a large variety of market research companies. Also, they are the only survey site that I’m aware of that has instant surveys. You will receive your reward instantly after you complete a survey, which makes them very different than other survey panels.


The registration process is quick and easy. To join SurveyTime, enter your email address, and you’ll be able to log in. The signup process should take you 10 seconds or less to complete. Once you sign in, you’ll land on a page that asks you to take a questionnaire. It is a profiler that will take about 7 minutes to complete. By participating in the survey, you will allow SurveyTime to understand you better and provide you with the best surveys.


Unlike other survey websites, SurveyTime does not have a points system; you will earn real cash with them. The entire process is pretty straight forward. After you complete a survey, you will get paid $1 instantly through PayPal. You don’t have to wait for payment. Everything with SurveyTime is instant, which makes them the fastest paying survey site in the world.

Reward Options

Reward options include PayPal cash payments, Amazon Gift Cards, Coinbase, $1 Target Gift Cards, and more. Your reward options will vary depending on the country that you’re from; regardless of your country, you will receive payment instantly.

Survey Experience

When you first sign up, you’ll be asked to fill out a profile questionnaire so that you can be matched with the best paying surveys.

In terms of survey notifications, you can log in to your account and check for new surveys. You can also sign up for email and text notifications so that you can know when new surveys are available.

Desktop and Mobile Surveys

The SurveyTime website is easy to join and use. You can access surveys at home with your desktop computer or laptop. Additionally, you can take surveys on the go with your mobile device. The SurveyTime website is mobile-friendly, so it will be pretty easy to take surveys on your phone.

SurveyTime Affiliate Program

Besides taking surveys, you can make money with SurveyTime when you join their affiliate program. You’ll have to apply and be approved before you can participate in their affiliate program. You’ll get special links and banners that you can use to drive new registrations to the site. You will earn $1 when the person that you refer completes a survey and gets paid; this is a one-time $1 commission. SurveyTime is open to all countries in the world. As long as your referral takes a survey and gets paid, you’ll earn $1. SurveyTime will pay you around the 5th of each month.

Is SurveyTime legit?

SurveyTime is definitely a legit survey panel that you can join and earn cash when you take surveys. Many people have received payment from SurveyTime. Trust isn’t an issue with this online survey site because they have a low minimum payout of only $1 and you will receive payment instantly after completing a survey. SurveyTime is not a scam and is a legitimate survey website that will pay you for your time and efforts.

Does SurveyTime Have An App?

At this time, SurveyTime does not have a mobile app, so you will have to visit their website, log in, and take surveys. You can complete surveys on your cell phone or with your computer. Most likely they’ll create an app in the near future.

Can You Delete Your SurveyTime account?

Currently, there is no option to delete your SurveyTime account. If you’re not happy with the site, simply stop using it. If you are really not sure about how to delete your SurveyTime account, then it would be in your best interest to contact them.

SurveyTime Tips and Tricks

It is important that you answer survey questions honestly so that you can improve your credibility. By being honest with your survey responses, you’ll have more opportunities to get more surveys and earn even more money. Try not to speed through surveys. You should take your time and answer survey questions to the best of your ability.

Tommy From SurveyTime

Tommy is either the CEO and founder of SurveyTime or simply someone that works for SureyTime. This is the best answer that I can give you as it pertains to who Tommy From SurveyTime is.

SurveyTime Support

If you have an issue with your SurveyTime account, you can always contact their support system. You should get a response from them within 24 hours. I’ve contacted SurveyTime before and I didn’t have any issues at all with them responding back to me.

SurveyTime Login

You can quickly log in to SurveyTime without much effort. Visit and you will see the login button at the top of the website.

Using The SurveyTime Website

You can visit the SurveyTime website by going to It is pretty easy to use their website. Everything is simple and straightforward. The only thing for you to do on the website is to actually take surveys.

How To Get More Surveys On SurveyTime

The main way to get more surveys on SurveyTime is to actually log in to your account on a regular basis so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities for new surveys. Also, you should ensure that your profile/questionnaire is filled out correctly because this is how you will be matched with more surveys. Lastly, don’t rush through surveys and provide an accurate and honest response to every survey question that you answer. Do this, and you will definitely get more surveys!

Earn More Money Fast With SurveyTime

There aren’t any tricks or tips to earn more money from SurveyTime surveys. It all comes down to survey availability. You really just have to check your account often and take surveys whenever they are available to you; that’s pretty much all that you can do!

SurveyTime Singapore

SurveyTime is available in Singapore and you can join for free and get surveys, If you live in Singapore, then you should go ahead and sign up for SurveyTime.

SurveyTime Philippines

Join SurveyTime in the Philippines if you want to so that you can get rewarded quickly for the surveys that you do.

Conclusions On My SurveyTime Review

There aren’t many sites likes SurveyTime because they have a low payout threshold of only $1, which is very easy to reach. In fact, you could join and earn $1 within 15 minutes by taking your first survey. Get $1 immediately after completing a survey; there is no waiting to get paid. If you like websites that pay instantly, then you will definitely like SurveyTime. 

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