JCPenny Survey

About JCPenny

JCPenney is a department store that has about 846 stores in American and Puerto Rico; they are a well-known brand. JCPenney was founded in 1902, which means that they’ve been in business for almost 120 years, which is a long time.

JCPenney sells the following products:

  • Clothing
  • cosmetics
  • electronics
  • footwear
  • furniture
  • housewares
  • jewelry
  • toys
  • appliances

JCPenny Survey

Taking the JCPenney customer satisfaction survey is quick and easy. It should take you about 5 minutes to complete. The JCPenney survey is pretty straightforward. If you regularly shop at JCPenney’s, then it will be easy for you to take the survey.

The survey is based on your own experiences at JCPenney’s. Maybe you had a good or bad experience. It doesn’t matter, they want you to voice your opinions and gain insight into their customers. By taking the survey, you will definitely help JCPenney improve its brand.

Take The JCPenny Survey

You will need a JCPenney receipt before you can take the survey and get your coupon within a 10% discount. Your JCPenney receipt will have a 12 digit code that you will need to enter the survey. All you have to do is find your most recent purchase receipt from JCPenney. It’s that simple to take the survey and get your free reward.

Reward Survey Types

To thank you for taking the survey and providing feedback as a customer. JCPenney will give you a coupon that will allow you to get 10% your next purchase at any of their stores.


JCPenny is a very popular department store. If you live in the United States, it’s very likely that you’ve shopped at a JCPenney store before. They are always trying to improve the products and services that they provide. JCPenney needs your opinions and feedback to improve their stores. You should take the JCPenney survey today!

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