A $50 Paypal gift card can be yours for free thanks to websites that will pay you for surveys, offers, and more. You could even use cash back apps as well!

Get A $50 PayPal Gift Card

1. MindSwarms

MindSwarms is known as a video survey website. You have to make a video and respond to survey questions. Videos aren’t for everyone, so you would have to be pretty comfortable with being on camera and making videos. Join MindSwarms so that you can get a $50 PayPal gift card. 

2. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another good option to get a free $50 PayPal gift card. This site doesn’t work points. You will be rewarded with cash for the surveys you do as well as the video that you watch.

3. Pinecone Research

A 50 PayPal gift card can be yours when you join Pinecone Research. You can earn 3 dollars or more for the surveys that you do. Completing a survey is pretty much the only way for you to earn. If you want a $50 PayPal gift card, then you should join Pinecone Research.

4. Inboxdollars

You can be rewarded when you watch tv, take surveys, shop, play games, and more. You will basically get paid for the activities that you do on Inboxdollar. Millions of people use this site to make money from the comfort of their homes; you can too. Join now and you will be able to get a 50 dollar PayPal gift card.

5. Point Club

Point Club might just be the best place for you to do surveys and get cash. The surveys on the Point Club website are fun; you can also participate in polls as well. Keep doing surveys until you have enough money in your account to request a payout.

6. Branded Surveys

Thousands of people use Branded Surveys to take surveys and make money. Join and you will be able to do the same thing too. Influence brands with your opinions and you will earn money and get paid.

7. Yuno Surveys

This site isn’t the most popular one, however, you can download its app and do surveys and earn money for your opinions. Yuno is a good survey provider. Get free rewards for the surveys that you do.

8. Crowdology

You can get a little extra cash with Crowdology. Brands pay them for consumer opinions. They will pay you for sharing your opinions. You can get up to $10 per survey. You can easily obtain a $50 gift for PayPal with Crowdology. Sign up now!

9. Survey Moola

You can make fast cash with Survey Moola for sure. According to the Survey Moola website, you could make up to $10 per survey. So, you will be rewarded nicely for the surveys that you do. Join now and you will get the chance to get a free 50 dollar PayPal gift card.

10. Opinion World

Free money can be yours when you join Opinion World. Tell them what you think and you will get paid for your thoughts. Do all the paid online surveys that you want and you will make money for sure.

Final Thoughts

Want a PayPal 50 gift card. There really is no better way to get one for free than to take surveys.

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